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Exploring Essential Oils

Herbal Oils
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What is Essential Oils?

How do we get essential oils?

How essential oils can help me?

Why I chose to use Essential Oils in my daily life?

Do you know that what Allah created in this world is so perfect because He is perfect? Even small and tiny things that He created are for the used of mankind. It is our task to discover them, and make full use of what He had created for us, responsibly and ethically. 

What He had given in plants are beyond our thoughts. We think in the past that the plants give us food from fruits and the leaves, and maybe some of the plants we can use the leaves and stems as part of material development, but apparently there are also 'OILS' that we can get from the plants. I'm not talking about vegetable oils that we use for cooking such as palm oil, canola or sunflower oils. Or not even coconut oil and olive oil. It is the chemical constituents that has been extracted from the plants, has low molecular weight, easily vaporise, give distinctive scents and this is what we call as essential oils. 

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There are more than 24,000 published research articles out there that have made a detailed study on essential oils. Essential oils are claimed to improve general wellness as well as helping one coping with emotional release.  There are many ways you can enjoy essential oils such as diffusing it using a diffuser (mostly it works well with ultrasonic diffuser), inhaling it directly or for topical use. EOs are not the alternative for Western medicine, but it should be used as a complimentary to accelerate the healing process. Many articles reported that most of the time these EOs were coupled together with the drugs provided and yet they had proven positive outputs for many applications.  

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Essential oils can be obtained from many ways. The old technology is cold-pressed, resin extraction and steam distillation but it is being widely used until now. New technology is like eutectic solvent or supercritical extraction but to ensure that it reaches therapeutic grade and edible, the traditional approaches are still favourable.

The plants such as citrus based fruits are squeezed and crushed using cold-pressed technology including its skin. Then these extracts are sent to steam distillation to get refined essential oil. The other plants such as lavender, peppermint, when they had been harvested are also directly sent to distillery for steam distillation, Tree barks or resin from trees such as frankincense,  also being sent to steam distillation to get this pure essential oils. 

Image by Richárd Ecsedi

I started using essential oil consistently when I had trouble with my sleep at the start of lockdown due to COVID-19. Then I realised EO had really be able to make calm and comfortable with any emotional turbulence that I've been going through all this while. I also enjoyed the use of EO most of the time everyday. If I am to present in the online webinar, there are set of oils that I could use so I stay focus. If I am to burn the midnight oil, there are also oils that I use so I stay awake. Even if I am to be in back to back meeting, there are also oils I could use. If my children and I need peaceful sleep, there are also oils for that. Alhamdulillah, really happy with the on-going use of my EOs. 

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