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Of recent years, I re-ignited my hobby on travelling. Solo travelling or travelling with friends. I don't mind whether it is a local travel, or overseas travel, but I usually like to have a weekend escapade to somewhere other than staying at home (well, if I have sufficient budget!). My first experience taking a flight was when I was 16 years old, for I which I was chosen as one of the best participants of Cooperative Quiz, and we were sponsored to attend the International Cooperative Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland! So, off we went to Switzerland!


When I was in UK for three times, I had spent my time travelling from Lands End up to John O Groat, and mostly I had covered all UK cities (well, except Belfast!). And until now, I have been travelling to these countries (either for the sake of business, or for leisure)

Switzerland | Belgium | France | Finland | Sweden | Italy | Egypt | Jordan | Saudi Arabia| United Kingdom | United States | Ireland | Indonesia | Japan | Korea | Thailand | Vietnam | Singapore | Australia | New Zealand

Among the countries that I felt I could go again and again are United Kingdom, United States, Japan (already been there for 3 times!), Australia  (been there 4 times!) & New Zealand. Nonetheless, visiting neighbouring countries like Indonesia (had visited Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta) and Thailand is always refreshing too. 


I think many travellers or tourists enjoyed to see new places, which could be different than their own hometown or city. I agreed on that point, but I think what people missed that, while travelling to these different places, they should also observe the culture too. Had anyone notice that for example in the shinkansen in Japan, the handle prior to exiting the door is curved with braille writing? Even in local universities male toilets had a place to put your baby while you are doing your business. Had anyone also notice that the lift in Korean's underground train stations and most of other elevators in Korea took some time before the door could really close properly? Why? Or perhaps anyone notice that why New Zealand had single lanes and narrow roads whenever you stepped out of the cities? Perhaps we should also trying to notice why Indonesians and Thais are mostly creative with whatever they had? Or why the Vietnamese are thin and slender? 

Most of the time, while travelling, I also spend my time reflecting. Seeing the surrounding and relate it to the life context. There must be reasons why Allah created different tribes, different ethnics, different skin colours with different weather at different places. There must also be reasons why Allah created beaches with different beauties, some beaches are white and sandy, some beaches have black sand, even some beaches are full of pebbles and stones (like what I found in Aberystwyth, Wales). And to finally to be grateful to Him for whatever that He had given to me, just enough for what I need. And to be grateful Malaysian too!

I will write more reflection here from different places that I went 

Wait for more pictures that I have to dig out soon!

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