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My Research Philosophy

As an educator, I believe that it is my responsibility to extend my knowledge and understanding of education to a deeper level in order to benefit the learning community. I believe that this can only be achieved through conducting substantial research on education, specifically teaching and learning practices.

Through conducting research on education, I am able to gain a deeper understanding of my own students and how to best support their learning. It also allows me to share good practices with other educators and make a meaningful impact on the education system.

I believe that research should not only be fundamental in nature, but also practical and impactful to society. By conducting research on education, the impact can be achieved at a faster pace as we are able to see the transformation of our students into better learners.

Furthermore, research in education is transdisciplinary in nature, allowing me to appreciate the struggles and different worldviews of colleagues, students, and society. It also helps me to develop important values such as empathy.

Overall, these are the significant reasons for me to conduct research in education and specifically teaching and learning practices.


Our catalytic reaction engineering projects encompass on the design of efficient catalyst design for biomass based applications, such as to produce biofuel and biochemicals. Among the applications that are of our interest are: biodiesel production, hydrodeoxygenation, hydrocracking, hydrothermal carbonization, steam reforming and aqueous phase reforming for the production of value added chemicals.


Several projects that I embarked in engineering education research are related to the application of different type of student centered learning approaches in and out of the classrooms and studying the impact towards students learning. The pedagogies are technology enhanced active learning, cooperative learning, problem based learning, flipped classroom, integrated project based learning, and service learning.



The followings are my publications throughout my tenure as the academia

Teacher Assisting a Student
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