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As a lifelong learner, I’m constantly expanding my skill set through professional and personal experiences. Below you will find some of my key abilities, along with how these skills have led to success.



As a leader, I strive to cultivate an empathetic and understanding approach in my interactions with my colleagues and followers. I believe that treating everyone with fairness and respect is essential to building a positive and productive team dynamic. In addition, I have developed strong motivation skills, allowing me to inspire and encourage others to reach their full potential. I take pride in my work and believe in leading by example, always striving to be the best that I can be in order to motivate and guide those around me. Whether dealing with mental health issues or other challenges, I believe in approaching each situation with a compassionate and understanding attitude, working towards finding the best solution for everyone involved.


Over the years, I have honed my presentation and communication skills through involvement in debates, elocution, and speech contests. These experiences have allowed me to become confident and bold in my public speaking. I am able to use various techniques to capture and maintain the attention of my audience. In addition, I am able to effectively communicate my thoughts and opinions to others in a way that is persuasive and influential, without being pushy or overbearing.



I have developed strong coaching and mentoring skills over the years, and have been able to effectively guide and support individuals in their personal and professional development. I am able to provide guidance and support, while also allowing individuals to take ownership of their own learning and growth. I have a keen ability to identify areas for improvement and provide constructive feedback, while also being able to celebrate successes and accomplishments. I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals and am committed to helping others reach their full potential.


I have been a facilitator, trainer, and teacher for many years, and have developed a range of skills in these areas. I have learned about facilitation through my involvement in action labs at my workplace, where I have learned a variety of techniques to engage participants in generating ideas and solving problems. I have also developed my teaching skills through my experience with different pedagogical approaches, including active learning, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, and flipped classrooms. These skills have allowed me to effectively facilitate and teach a variety of subjects and audiences.



Additionally, I have also developed my copywriting skills through creating marketing materials for my company and writing for various online platforms. I have a strong understanding of SEO and how to craft compelling content that engages readers and effectively communicates messages. My reflective writing skills have also been honed through years of experience writing self-reflections and evaluations for various projects and professional development opportunities.


As part of 21st century skills, collaboration is indeed a need for everyone. I have learnt this skill well when I hold the position as CETaL Director, for which it encouraged me to collaborate with others to ensure I can maximise the impact. One of the success stories is the collaboration to realised GLU-Ed, a collaborative effort with all the directors of teaching and learning from Government Linked Universities (GLUs) such as UTP, MMU, UniKL and UNITEN, which I initiated since 2017. We ended up organising many colloquiums as well as IDE4TE - a teaching and learning exhibition at national level. Through these initiatives, I demonstrated my ability to work effectively in a team and lead collaborative efforts towards a common goal. I am skilled in building and maintaining positive relationships with team members and stakeholders, and in effectively communicating and coordinating tasks and responsibilities to ensure the success of the team.



As the CEO of Digital Perak, I was responsible for generating creative ideas that could benefit the company and drive its growth. One of the successful ideas I came up with was to pursue grants from the state government, which we were able to secure and use to kick off various projects. This experience has allowed me to develop my skills in creative ideation and come up with innovative solutions for various challenges and problems.


As the CEO of Digital Perak, I was responsible for building and maintaining relationships with various stakeholders within and outside the organization. This included negotiating with potential partners, clients, and suppliers to secure mutually beneficial agreements and collaborations. My strong networking skills allowed me to expand the company's reach and bring in new business opportunities. I also developed effective negotiation skills, which helped me to navigate complex situations and reach mutually satisfactory outcomes. These skills have proven to be valuable assets in my career, and have helped me to establish and maintain strong professional relationships throughout my professional journey.

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