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Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I did a test for my students this morning. I noticed that one girl submitted very early and her answer was bad.

Fortunately last week when I had a quiz with them, this girl mentioned to me that she’s unable to take it because she’s bringing her mum back from hospital and her mum is already ‘tenat/nazak’ (terminally ill). And I said ok, we can do the quiz some other time.

I didn't follow up after that.

When I saw her submission early this morning, I quickly messaged her on Telegram and asked her if she’s ok and how’s her mum. She said, her mum (59 years old) passed away last Thursday (cancer in stomach). Innalillahi wainna ilayhi rajiun

I advised her if she wanted to defer this semester, she said her family advised her to continue.So I told her, I will cancel today’s test for you and when you’re ready in few weeks time after you’re able to revise my material, I’ll retest you.

I also quickly informed the academic executive to inform other lecturers who are teaching her and her advisor too.

Well sometimes, things like this we really need to follow up to know the other side of the story. Empathy, that’s the key.

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